Monday, 14 August 2017

American Dream

DRESS: NEUW (similar HERE)   |  JACKET: NEUW (similar HERE)  |

I've kept this very quiet, but in April of this year, my U.S. visa was FINALLY approved! And on my birthday, no less.
This is the result of years of dreaming and working and lawyering, so I can't believe it's actually happening. I'll be heading to Los Angeles in September, so please share any of your L.A. recommendations for restaurants/shopping/beauty treatments/etc. in the Comments below!

April xx

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Old Painty Can Ned

TOP: Comme des Garcons Play  |  OVERALLS: ABrand
SNEAKERS: Chanel (similar HERE and HERE)  |  SCARF: By Karen Hutchinson

When I consistently choose to title my posts with obscure Simpsons quotes rather than a bunch of words that would help me with Google SEO... I think it becomes pretty clear where my priorities lie.

April xx

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Kermit The Prep

JACKET: Ralph Lauren (similar HEREHERE and HERE)  |  WATCH: Chanel (also HERE and HERE)
JEANS: Levi's 501 (similar HERE and HERE)  |  HANDBAG: Moschino (similar HERE and HERE)

I've been getting really into Ralph Lauren and little fitted jackets lately. After years of wearing longline coats and androgynous blazers, it feels very fresh and delightfully preppy. This jacket in particular hits three sweet spots, being Ralph Lauren, a hacking jacket, and in Pantone's wholly ignored most recent colour recommendation of Kermit The Frog Green (they refer to it as "Greenery", but, like... Come on). I'm also wearing all vintage here, which I love because it's recycling! Is anyone else so done with fast fashion?

April xx

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Millenial Pink

SWEATER: Cotton On  |  JEANS: Nobody Denim via Glue Store
SNEAKERS: Minna Parikka (similar HERE and HERE)

I have always been a pink girl. From birth, my mother instilled in me her love of the girliest of hues. From baby to hot, pink in all its forms is sublime. But a soft, pale pink is my favourite. A wash of the pretty colour is currently the wallpaper on both my laptop and my What'sApp chats, and has likely been for several years (I used to have the computer wallpaper that changed to a different photo every 60 seconds, but I found out that it was one of the contributing factors to everything loading at a glacial pace). 
Alas, my beloved was set upon by the fashion powers that be, who tapped into what was apparently a secret love for many, many people. "Millenial pink", as someone has disgustingly renamed my sweet baby, was huge. And then... It stayed huge. "No, no," cried Pantone, "pink is SO over. Get ready for Kermit-The-Frog-green!" Nobody listened. Millenial pink continues to dominate across fashion, interior design and even - finally - the tech world (those nerds finally realised that people are actually interested in devices in colours other than basic red, blue and green!). 
It is both a blessing and a curse when something you love becomes a trend. Initially, there is joy that the thing you're always searching for, scouring eBay and AliExpress and vintage stores, is now easily accessible. But then you realise that it is no longer special and doesn't quite feel like "yours". Worst of all, you reach a point at which - GASP - you are sick of it. The trend is everywhere, on everyone and the most stylish among us are starting to declare it "over". While I am relieved that pink has held its own and stayed strong for actual YEARS, I am increasingly nervous about its inevitable demise and the possibility that I may grow to detest my longtime love. At least for now, I have this fuzzy, frou-frou sweater to keep me cosy and help me weather the style storm.

April xx